The Bulwark, Llanmadoc Hill

Iron Age Hillfort

The Bulwark on Llanmadoc Hill is a hillfort that is believed to date back to the Iron Age period, around 800 BC to AD 74. The hillfort has a rather complex plan, suggesting that it may have been constructed in multiple phases. The middle of the hillfort contains a sub-rectangular enclosure that measures almost 1 hectare in size. This enclosure is surrounded by a massive bank, with an external ditch on all sides except the north, and an outer, counterscarp bank along the south. There is a straight stretch of rampart that adjoins the west side of the enclosure at a slight angle, and the way they merge towards their north ends suggests that the inner enclosure may have been superimposed on this outer rampart. Beyond the inner enclosure is another outer rampart that encircles the hillfort on all sides except the steep north side. There is also a further straight rampart that runs north-south across the saddle of the hill to the west, providing additional protection from this vulnerable side.

The entrance to the hillfort is a simple gap located on the east side, with an entrance way bounded by low banks that run up to the fort through a series of outer banks and the main outer rampart. Just inside the entrance, there is a low bank and outer ditch that delineate a small rectangular enclosure, with a gap near the main entrance that may represent an earlier enclosure or an animal annexe. To the west of this small enclosure is the probable position of a circular house platform, suggesting that the hillfort may have been used as a settlement during its occupation in the Iron Age period.

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