Burry Holms

Iron Age Hillfort

Burry Holms is a historical site that contains the remains of a defended enclosure, believed to date back to the Iron Age period (around 800 BC to AD 43). The enclosure is situated on a narrow coastal promontory above the sea, which serves as part of its defensive circuit. The construction of one or more ramparts across the neck of the promontory effectively separates it from the mainland.

Burry Holms benefits from excellent natural defenses, as at high tide, the headland on which it is located becomes an island, making the site even more impregnable. The highest and outermost part of the headland was fortified by a high bank, a ditch, and an outer counterscarp bank. The bank runs in a north-south direction, cutting straight across the headland, while the ditch takes advantage of a natural fault in the landscape. The entrance to the enclosure is a simple gap with a causeway across the ditch in the middle of the bank, providing access to the interior of the site.

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