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HURSTPIERPOINT (i) In 1857-8 a pavement and hypocaust were uncovered in a field ¼ mile north-west of Danny House, and close south of Randolph’s Farm. The pavement, 1 ft. down, was of red brick 1-in. tesserae, with a few smaller of grey stone. The extent traced was 80 ft. by 30 ft. The floor was supported by walls of flints and tiles. Rooms were divided by flint walls on chalk foundations, the most northerly room being 4 in. lower in level than the others. Coarse pottery, Samian, bronze ornaments, and one brass coin. [S.A.C. x, 210; xiv, 179, Plan.] (ii) About 100 yds. north of this site a Roman road is said, by Mr. E. Couchman, to run from the north-south Roman road close west of the Hassocks Roman cemetery [see Hassocks], and to proceed west in the direction of Muddleswood. It is attested, apparently, only by Couchman. [S.A.C. lxvi, 47.] (iii) Roman road at Ham Farm. [S.A.C. xiv, 176.] While draining (1856) meadows to the north of Ham Farm, 20 in. below the surface workmen found in several places a bed of concrete, ‘about 3 ft. thick’ and ’30-40 ft. wide.’ [See Roman Roads.] (iv) On the ridge on which Hurstpierpoint is built, and along which the high road goes, at different times quantities of Roman coins, implements and pottery have been found; e.g. in the church-yard many coins, some urns, and much pottery. [S.A.C. iii, p.ix; viii, 297; xiv, 178; Chich. Trans. 73.] These finds are taken as evidence of an east-west road north of the Downs, sat any rate between Albourne and Hassocks. (v) For a Roman tile kiln see Hassocks.” (V.C.H. Sussex, p.58)

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Victoria County History of Sussex Volume III (Oxford 1935) p.58.

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