Kaims Castle


The Kaims Castle fortlet covers an area of only ¼ acre (0.1 ha) and lies just to the west of the main Roman military highway into north-east Scotland. The three watch-towers to the south of this fortlet, two at Shiehill and another at Ardoch, are neatly spaced about 1000m apart while the nearest known watch-tower along the road to the north is some distance away at Westerton (NN8714), which leads one to believe that even more small Roman encampments remain to be discovered along this stretch of road.

This watch-tower along with others spaced almost uniformly along the Roman military road into the north-east formed an early Roman frontier along the Gask Ridge in Tayside.

Map References for Kaims Castle

NGRef: NN8612 OSMap: LR58

Roman Roads near Kaims Castle

NE (3.5) to Strageath SW (3) to Alavna-veniconvm

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