Cropmarks of a Roman settlement with hut circles and pit clusters, probably rubbish or storage pits is visible on aerial photographs. Excavations have identified a settlement of about ten minor buildings and a villa complex set along a road which extended from the Roman town at Tiddington near Stratford-upon-Avon to Blacklands near Kings Sutton and possibly continued onto Magiovinium. The settlement during the late first century comprised round houses which were gradually replaced with rectangular buildings. The villa complex was found to be a winged corridor type constructed by 270 AD. It richest period of development took place during the early-mid 4th century with the addition of the east range and mosaics. Abandonment was probably due to fire in the east wing. It was reused as a smithy until the early 5th century. The settlement may be part of a Roman small town. This site has been mapped from aerial photographs as part of the South East Warwickshire and Cotswolds HLS Target Areas National Mapping Programme.

Map References for Lower Lea

NGRef: SP3938 OSMap: LR151

Roman Roads near Lower Lea

Probable road: SE (16) to Alchester (Oxfordshire) NW (10) to Ettington

Sites near Lower Lea