Maendy Camp

Iron Age Hillfort

Located on the ridge of Mynydd Maendy, Maendy Camp is rare example of an Iron Age hillfort in the Glamorgan uplands is characterised as being of a ‘pastoral’ type. There is a sub-oval enclosure measuring approximately 110 meters north to south and 98 meters east to west. It is defined by a rubble bank and an external ditch. Within the enclosure, the eastern part is further divided by a smaller oval work, measuring approximately 51 meters north to south and 36 meters east to west, also defined by rubble banks. A Bronze Age cairn is situated between the inner and outer ramparts.

Limited excavation was carried out in 1901, which revealed little about the enclosure complex. The majority of finds were associated with a cairn discovered within the enclosure.

Sites near Maendy Camp