Milestone House Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

This highly-irregular 6-sided camp, shaped like a meat-cleaver, is situated along the crest of a scarp which runs parallel with the Stanegate some 200m to the S. The longest side is the S which has a gateway placed more-or-less centrally with an external titulum or clavicula outwork, there is another gate with similar defences set centrally in the W rampart. The N defences are the most irregular, the W-most third utilizing the crest of an E-W running ridge, then follows a diagonal earthwork which links this crest with another lying some 100m to the S, wherupon the defences followed this second ridge E-wards for the remaining third of the N defences. It is possible that another gateway with an external titulum earthwork was situated in the S half of the diagonal portion of the N defences. A later (Saxon?) enclosure lies in the extreme SE corner of the camp.

Map References for Milestone House Camp

NGRef: NY721660 OSMap: LR86/87

OS National Grid Reference: NY721660
Dimensions: 591 x 1,886 ft (c. 180 x 575 m)
Area: 17 acres (7 ha)

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None identified

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