Markham Cottage 1 Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

These camps lie only 120 yards (110m) to the south of the Vallum, about 570 yards (520m) west of the Wall Fort at Great Chesters. There are many other camps in the neighbourhood; on the far side of Hadrian’s Wall to the north at Burnhead and Chesters Pike, four more on the east side of the Caw Burn at Haltwhistle, another on the south side of the Stanegate to the south-west at Lees Hall and others along the Stanegate to east and west.

The Stanegate cuts across the S part of Markham Cottage Camp 1, which is roughly rectangular, and the modern B6318 crosses the defences further S. The only gap in the defences which can be positively identified as an original gateway is that in the centre of the S side, which is defended by an external titulum outwork. The NW corner of the camp is cut through by the course of a small stream, and was the site of a medieval watermill. A smaller camp lies entirely within the NE quadrant of this camp, utilizing part of the N defences.

Map References for Markham Cottage Camps

NGRef: NY708661 OSMap: LR86/87

Roman Roads near Markham Cottage Camps

None identified

Sites near Markham Cottage 1 Temporary Camp