Great Chesters (Aesica) Roman Bath House

Bath House

Bathhouse of Great Chesters fort. It was exposed by excavations in 1897 and 1908. A 3rd century coin hoard and an altar to the goddess were also found. Before the site was backfilled to prevent further erosion it was surveyed by RCHME. The stone pilae of the hypocaust and various foundations were recorded.

The bathhouse was supplied with water via an aqueduct from the headwaters of Caw Burn just over two miles distant from the fort. The aqueduct is in the form of a shallow channel, which winds a tortuous path for over six miles following the contours of the land. The remains of a glazed window about 5 feet high by 4 feet wide were found in one of the apses of the bath-house caldarium, evidenced by broken glass en situ and more found on the floor within the building. The sill started about one foot from the interior floor-level, and was 4 feet wide on the inside, narrowing to 3 feet at the outer wall, where the window was placed.

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