Hadrian's Wall - Milecastle 43 - Great Chesters

Hadrian's Wall Milecastle

Milecastle 43 (Great Chesters) was a – Milecastle on Hadrian’s Wall (grid reference NY70356684). There are no visible remains as it was built over in the late 2nd century AD by the Great Chesters ( Aesica ) fort. Its foundations were discovered by Frank Gerald Simpson during an excavation in 1939 under the fort wall and the rampart between the north gate and the north-west corner. The wall was made in the narrow version on this section. In the same year it was also found that the mile fort was structurally connected to the foundations of the wide version of the wall. It belonged to the short axis type I. The fort wall ran behind the ramparts (wide version) and directly through the east and west walls of the mile fort.

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