Haltwhistle Burn 2 and 3 Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

Haltwhistle Burn 2 Temporary Camp is a square camp that lies only 30m from the NE corner of Camp-1. There are at least 3 gates protected by external tituli, placed centrally in the N, S & E sides, but all traces of any W gateway have been lost by natural erosion and the building of the S defences of Camp-3, which utilized the N defences of this camp and portions of the E & W rampart.

Haltwhistle Burn 3 Temporary Camp was formed by contracting the S rampart of the original Camp-2 and building another rampart just N of the original camp’s E & W gateways. The area thus enclosed was somewhat less than half of the original. A new S gateway was also built, protected by an external titulum, though it seems probable that no new gateways were provided through the reduced E & W sides.

Map References for Haltwhistle Burn 2 and 3 Temporary Camp

Haltwhistle Burn 2, Northumberland

NGRef: NY715662 OSMap: LR86/87

Haltwhistle Burn 3, Northumberland

OS National Grid Reference: NY716663
Dimensions: 131 x 308 ft (40 x 94 m)
Area: c. ¾ acre (0.3 ha)

Roman Roads near Haltwhistle Burn 2 and 3 Temporary Camp

Probable Trackway: N (0.25) to Cawfields (Northumberland) Stanegate: E (3.5) to Vindolanda (Chesterholm, Northumberland) Stanegate: W (3.5) to Magnis Carvetiorvm (Carvoran, Northumberland) Stanegate: E (1) to Seatsides Stanegate: W (1.25) to Svnny Rigg

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