Newton-on-Trent Marching Camp 1 and 2

Marching or Temporary Camps

These camps lie less than ¼ mile south of the Roman Vexillation fortress at Newton-on-Trent.

Newton on Trent 1, Lincolnshire

OS National Grid Reference: SK825733
Dimensions: c.920 x c.1,100 ft (c.280 x c.335 m)
Area: c.23¼ acres(c.9.4 ha)
Description: The ditch of the northerly camp is much the broader of the two and, at c.280m, is also the longest. There appears to be an internal clavicula close to its western end. There is another linear ditch about 335m to the south which runs parallel with the clavicula ditch, and having the same density of crop-marking, it is possible that this represents the southern ditch of Camp 1. This being the case, Marching Camp 1 would appear to be similar in size to the fortress itself.

Newton on Trent 2, Lincolnshire

OS National Grid Reference: SK825733
Dimensions: ? x 490+ ft (? x 150+ m)
Area: c.15 acres? (c.6 ha?)
Description: The northern ditch of this camp lies between 40-50m to the south of the larger camp, and appears much narrower on AP’s. The north-east corner-angle of the camp has been recorded; the northern side is about 150m in length while the ditch to the east is represented only by a short southwards extension from the rounded corner-angle. No other cropmark features can be attributed to this camp, therefore no accurate estimate of its original size can be made. The corner-angle has a radius of curvature of about twenty metres, which may indicate a camp about half the size of the fortress.

References for Newton On Trent Camps

Roman Camps in England – The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.

Map References for Newton On Trent Camps

NGRef: SK8273 OSMap: LR121

Roman Roads near Newton On Trent Camps

None identified