Pennymuir Temporary Camp A

Marching or Temporary Camp

Camp A (grid reference NT754139) is the largest camp in the group. It lies close to the west side of Dere Street on a platform of moderately even ground. Its south end lies on the edge of a small, dry gully. It is approximately rectangular in shape, and measures 520 metres from north to south by 343 metres east to west and encloses almost 18 hectares. Entrance gaps are visible on all four sides, with two visible on the west side. The ramparts of the camp measure up to 4.6 metres wide and 1.2 metres high, with the ditch some 4.6 metres wide and up to 1.2 metres deep in places.

Map References for Pennymuir Camps

NGRef: NT7513 OSMap: LR80

Roman Roads near Pennymuir Camps

None identified

Sites near Pennymuir Temporary Camp A