Brownhart Law

Signal Station

The Roman Signal Station on the NE end of Brownhart Law was discovered from the air in 1945 by Dr St Joseph, who dug a trial trench across it in the following year.

It is rectangular on plan with rounded angles, 54′ E-W by 41′ within a turf rampart about 15′ thick, which now stands 18″ high. The entrance, 10′ wide, is in the centre of the E side facing Dere Street, 45′ distant. A single ditch runs from the gate round the SE angle and along the S side to the SW angle, where it becomes double; the two ditches then continue round the rest of the work until the gate is again reached. On the N side the inner ditch is 6′ wide and the outer ditch 9′; each was originally about 3′ deep. The absence of the outer ditch on the S is probably due to the presence of rock immediately below the topsoil.

It seems evident that this post was not part of a signalling system organised along Dere Street, but was intended for communication with the signal station on [post_id=”10790″ type=”link”]Rubers Law[/link_post], the summit of which is visible thirteen miles to the WNW.

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