Sills Burn North Marching Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

Sills Burn North – Only the N, S & W sides of this rectangular camp are known, the 4th (E) side probably coinciding with the steep scarp above the Sills Burn, which passes by to the E of both camps, flowing from N to S. There are three visible portals, all defended by internal claviculae, situated just S of centre in the short W side, and offset considerably to the W in the N & S sides. It would appear, therefore, that the camp faced W. Dere Street passes by less than 110 yards (100m) from the W defences of the camp, but none of its defences are aligned with the road, which may mean that the camp was built first. Camp-2 lies just 58 feet (175m) to the S.

There are three more camps nearby at Birdhope and another at Bellshiel.

References for Sills Burn Camps

  • Roman Camps in England – The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.

Map References for Sills Burn Camps

OSMap: LR80

OS National Grid Reference: NT825000
Dimensions: c.410 x c.490 ft (c.125 x c.150 m)
Area: c.4½ acres (1.9 ha)

Roman Roads near Sills Burn Camps

None identified

Sites near Sills Burn North Marching Camp