Salterford (Causennis?)

Minor Settlement

The Roman settlement at Saltersford lay to the west of Ermine Street, underlying the old Spittlegate Aerodrome, to the south-east of Grantham. The ancient trackway continued east towards the Metaris Aestuaium (The Wash) and in a south-westerly direction to join the Fosse Way just south of Vernemetum (Willoughby in Nottinghamshire).

In addition to the villa along the trackway at Denton, there was a villa along Ermine Street to the south at North Stoke (SK9328) and substantial Roman buildings at Great Ponton (SK9230). There were also iron-mines a little further south at Woolsthorpe (SK9224).

References for Saltersford

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Map References for Saltersford

NGRef: SK9233 OSMap: LR130

Roman Roads near Saltersford

Ermine Street: NNE (5) to Ancaser (Ancaster, Lincolnshire) Trackway: SW (5) to Denton (Lincolnshire) Ermine Street: S (17) to Great Casterton

Sites near Salterford (Causennis?)