Staunton In The Vale

Minor Settlement

This small settlement lies along the line of a suspected Roman road between the settlement at Brough on the Fosse Way in Nottinghamshire and the Romano-British temple and villa at Thistleton in Leicestershire; a northern extension of I.D. Margary’s Road#580.

… part of a complex of circular huts and associated gullies covering more than 1.6 ha [4 acres], was excavated [in 1970] 1.5 km [almost 1 mile] north of Staunton Hall. Traces of at least three huts were uncovered; occupation was principally in the period [A.D.] 250-400, but finds other than pottery were meagre.” (Britannia, 1971)

References for Staunton In The Vale

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  • Roman Roads in Britain : Volume I South of the Foss Way – Bristol Channel by Ivan D. Margary (London 1955).

Map References for Staunton In The Vale

NGRef: SK802448 OSMap: LR130

Roman Roads near Staunton In The Vale

N (10) to Crococalana (Brough, Nottinghamshire) Trackway: SSE (9) to Denton (Lincolnshire) Trackway: SSE (18) to Thistleton

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