Denton Villa


The Roman villa at Denton in Lincolnshire lay on the course of an ancient trackway running from the fens in the east to Ratae (Leicester) in the west. About a mile to the south-west of the villa, the trackway was crossed by another, running from Durobrivae (Water Newton) in the south, to join up with the Fosse Way between Ad Pontem (East Stoke) and Crococalana (Brough) to the north.

Map References for Denton

NGRef: SK8730 OSMap: LR130

Roman Roads near Denton

Trackway: NNW (14) to Ad Pontem (East Stoke, Thorpe by Newark, Nottinghamshire) Trackway: NNW (9) to Stavnton Trackway: NE (5) to Saltersford (Lincolnshire) Trackway: WSW (16) to Vernemetvm (Willoughby-on-the-Wolds, Nottinghamshire) Trackway: SSE (9) to Thistleton

Sites near Denton Villa