Villa at Empingham


Excavations uncovered the site of a Roman villa complex near Rutland Water dam, Empingham Reservoir. The main house (SK 90 NW 13), with hypocaust and painted plaster lay north of the River Gwash and the other structures to the south. An aisled barn 23 x 11 metres was associated with two smaller structures and a well. The well, about 5 metres deep contained 20 sheep’s skulls and lower limb bones. Other buildings were also excavated, the site was laid out on terraced ground. A Roman inhumation contained within a stone coffin was also found. The villa appears to have been extant in the 2nd-4th century AD. The site has been destroyed by construction work.

A number of Roman structures have been located on man-made terraces. Features included a well, about 16 feet (5m) deep which contained 20 sheep’s heads, assorted sheep bones and colour-coated pottery sherds dated c.270AD. Buildings beneath the main isled-barn give a terminal post quem of around the first quarter of the third century.

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OSMap: LR141

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