Nearly 1¼ miles northwards [from Water Newton] along Ermine Street and to the east of it [near Ailsworth], a small camp [5 Ant. J. XV, 1935, 113-18] (TL 107991) identified by Mr. Margary in 1935 shows clearly on new photographs. Here there is only a single ditch: the angles are turned in sharp curves. The dimensions are about 250 by 320 ft. The arrangement of gates is not clear but there may have been an almost central gate in the east side.” (JRS 1953 p.83)

A Roman road leads south from the suspected settlement at Bourne, in Lincolnshire, directly towards the crossing of the river Nene south of Castor Village, although traces of it are now lost in cultivation about 3¼ miles (c.5.2km) short of the village to the north; it seems very likely, however, that the gateway in the eastward side of the suspect enclosure would have opened upon this road, very-likely connected to it by a short trackway, of which no trace has survived, which is quite possible if the track was never metalled.

References for Ailsworth

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  • Bartholomew’s Revised Half-Inch Map sheet 25, Fenland (August 1945);

Map References for Ailsworth

NGRef: TL1099 OSMap: LR142, B25.

OS National Grid Reference: TL107991
Dimensions: c.320 x 250 ft (c.97 x 76 m)
Area: c.1¾ acres (c.0.74 ha)

Roman Roads near Ailsworth

N (13.25) to Bovrne S (1.25) to Dvrobrivae Catvvellorvm (Water Newton, Cambridgeshire)

Sites near Ailsworth