Honeyditches (Seaton) Villa


Excavations at Seaton Villa in 1969

… several outbuildings were uncovered in an area of c.2.5ha (over 6 acres). A small aisled building on stone footings was erected c.100AD beside a north-south road. A free-standing bath-house of three main rooms was built in the early-2nd century. Later a two-room set of ‘Spartan’ baths was added, and the whole was demolished at the end of the century. Two narrow timber structures over 30m (100ft) long also seem to be 2nd century. Drainage ditches and plot boundaries of the 3rd & 4th centuries imply that this part of the site reverted to agricultural use.” (Britannia 1970)

Stamped Tile from Seaton


“[Property of] the Second Augustan Legion.”

(Burn 3a)

References for Seaton

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Map References for Seaton

NGRef: SY237909 OSMap: LR192/193

Roman Roads near Seaton

NE (27) to Ilchester

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