Sharpstones Hill

Iron Age Settlement

This late Iron-Age settlement of the Cornovii tribe lay ¼ mile (c.400m) south-west of Weeping Cross, near Shrewsbury in Shropshire. The Roman road from Wroxeter through Forden Gaer and Caersws to Trefeglwys (Margary#64) passes by the site just to the north.

A double-ditched enclosure of around 90 feet (c.37m) square discovered from the air and investigated in 1969, lying SSE of Shrewsbury. The inner ditch was some 14 feet (5.6m) wide and was dug in the (late?) Iron-Age to enclose a timber-built round-house at its centre. The original ditch was almost completely silted-up when the second (outer) ditch was dug, 11½ feet (c.4.7m) wide, sometime during the early-2nd century AD.

References for Sharpstones Hill – Weeping Cross, Shropshire

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NGRef: SJ496104 OSMap: LR126

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