Lea Cross Villa


This villa was first discovered in 1793, and only rediscovered in 1956. Excavations in 1969 identified at least three phases of construction on within that part of the site uncovered at that time: In the first phase a large building with walls 4 ft (1.2m) thick was constructed, probably a bath-house; the second phase utilised the foundations of the first building which was in a ruinous state when work started. The floor-level of the building was raised by 2 feet (0.6m) with an infill of rubble containing pottery from around the turn of the 3rd century. In its second incarnation the building was used either for industrial purposes or again as part of a bath-suite. During the third phase a large timber outhouse was built up against the north-east corner of the original building. The site surrendered very few 4th century pottery sherds, suggesting perhaps that the site had fallen into disrepair by the early part of the century.

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NGRef: SJ417085 OSMap: LR126

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