Uffington Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

This roughly rectangular camp lies in a bend of the River Severn on a level alluvial plain about 3¾ miles (6 km) north-east of the Roman city of Viroconium/Wroxeter. The camp appears to have had two periods of occupation, as the north-east side was either contracted or expanded by about 165 feet (50 metres) at some period in its history. Although none of the gaps in its circuit can be positively identified as gateways, the camp is protected by the waters of the Severn on all sides saving the north-east, so it is fairly certain that the camp was oriented in this direction.

References for Uffington Camp

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Map References for Uffington Camp

NGRef: SJ5213 OSMap: LR126

OS National Grid Reference: SJ524128
Dimensions: c.1,150 x 1,575/1,740 ft (c.350 x 480/530 m)
Area: 40/44½ acres (16.3/18 ha)

Roman Roads near Uffington Camp

None identified

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