Somerdale Villa

Bath House and Roman Villa

Excavation in 1922 on the site of Fry’s Chocolate Factory uncovered a probable villa site; buildings, a bath house, altar and inhumations in stone coffins were found. A stone lined well  nearby was left in situ.

The foundations of the building were reconstructed near the entrance to the factory in 1927 and conform reasonably well with the excavation plan. The consolidated walling is from 0.1m to 0.4m high and mostly 0.6m thick.  To the south east of the building is a dump of several tons of medieval worked stones found in the construction of the Keynsham by-pass at the point where it cut through Keynsham Abbey.

References for Somerdale Villa

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Map References for Somerdale Villa

NGRef: ST6460 OSMap: LR172

Roman Roads near Somerdale Villa

None identified