Summerston Farm Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camps

A temporary camp lying about 660 ft (200 m) south of the Wall was discovered from the air in 1978 and investigated on the ground in 1980. A single occupation phase is indicated. It was very-likely used to house the legionary troops constituting the Wall’s work-force.

Map References for Summerston Farm Temporary Camp

OS National Grid Reference: NS574723
Dimensions: 540 by 460 ft (c.165 x 140 m)
Area: c.5¾ acres (c.2.3 ha)

References for Summerston Farm Temporary Camp

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Roman Roads near Summerston Farm Temporary Camp

Antonine Wall: E (2.5) to Balmvildy (Strathclyde) Antonine Wall: W (2.25) to Bearsden (Strathclyde)