Tidbury Ring

Iron Age Hillfort and Villa

Aerial photographs of the Tidbury Rings hillfort in Hampshire taken shortly after the Second World War disclosed two rectangular buildings each around 100 feet (c.30 m) long within the Iron-Age enclosure. The outline of these buildings is peculiarly Roman, and it is quite possible that we have an example here of the local tribal elite adopting the Roman way of life with the foundation of a Romano-British “aisled-barn” type of dwelling within the bounds of the old tribal/family estate, perhaps with a separate wing either to house family retainers or to separate the domestic and industrial aspects of country life. Surface finds recovered within the enclosure have confirmed occupation during the Roman period. (JRS 1953 p.94.)

There are other substantial Roman buildings a little way to the south at Bullington (SU4640). The main Roman road running north-westwards between Winchester and East Anton, lies about 3 miles (c.4.9 km) away to the south-west, while Winchester itself is 8½ miles (c.13.8 km) due south.

References for Tidbury

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NGRef: SU4642 OSMap: LR185

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