Onna? (Nursling) Settlement

Possible Roman Settlement

This small settlement may have been known as Onna in Roman times. [TaCiRB, pp140.]

The site of a Roman settlement at Nursling. Close to Nursling Farm is a huge gravel-pit from which railway ballast was obtained 30 years ago. In excavating that part of it a great number of Roman remains – including a bronze statuette, quantities of Samian and other pottery, and three wells were found. Much of the settlement site has been removed by old gravel diggings which have lowered the ground level by about two metres over the northern part of the site. Excavations in 1992 and 1993 have located extensive ditched enclosures of circa 60-130 AD.

The location of the Roman name ‘Onna’ recorded in Ravenna Cosmography is unknown, although it is listed by Richmond and Crawford as the Roman settlement at Nursling. Rivet believes this unlikely and gives the possibilities as either the Roman defended site at Iping (SU 82 NW 2) or the settlement at Neatham (SU 74 SW 14).

Map References for Onna?

NGRef: SU3615 OSMap: LR196

Roman Roads near Onna?

Possible road: ESE (5) to Clavsentvm (Bitterne, Hampshire) NE (12) to Venta Belgarvm Probable road: WSW (27) to Vindocladia

Sites near Onna? (Nursling) Settlement