Vindocladia (Shapwick)

Minor Settlement

The first objective of the second legion after establishing its main base of operations at Lake Farm, was the reduction of the nearby hillforts at Badbury Rings and Spettisbury Rings, which were situated to either side of the River Stour. The fall of these two British strongholds displaced a substantial number of native Britons, who were to form the nucleus of the settlement at Vindocladia.

The Lake Farm Vexillation Fortress lay just four miles to the south-east. There was a Roman fort at Shapwick (ST9402), two miles to the south-west, and another at Dunum (ST8510), constructed within the captured hillfort at Hod Hill, eight miles to the north-west. The Romano-British villa at Rockbourne lies some 14 miles to the north-east.

References for Vindocladia

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Roman Roads near Vindocladia

NNW (25) to Cold Kitchen Hill WSW (19) to Dvrnovaria (Dorchester, Dorset) SE (4) to Lake Farm Probable road: ENE (27) to Nvrsling (Hampshire) NNE (14) to Rockbovrne WSW (2) to Shapwick NNE (22) to Sorviodvnvm

Sites near Vindocladia (Shapwick)