Upton-by-Chester Marching Camp 6

Marching or Temporary Camp

Discovered from the air on 8th August 1995  close to the others at Upton, NE of Chester. The entire defensive perimeter of this camp apart from the SE angle is recorded on A.P.’s or may be exrapolated. The south side of this camp was evaluated in August 1996. Sections across the defences revealed evidence of deliberate dimantling of internal timber structures followed by a period of rapid silting. Radiocarbon dating performed on samples taken from the bottom of the ditch gave calibrated readings of 115BC – 405AD, giving a mean somewhere around 145AD. Pollen analysis of samples taken on site in 1997 revealed that at the time the camp had been built the area was a patchwork of both wet and dry secondary woodland interspersed by open moorland, dominated by Oak, Alder, Hazel and Heather.

References for Upton-by-Chester Marching Camp 6 (Upton Recreation Centre)

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  • a copy of O.S. Landranger map 117 Chester and Wrexham would also be of benefit.

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OS National Grid Reference: SJ 4250 6890
Dimensions: c.360 x 270 ft (110 x 82 m)
Area: c.2¼ acres (c.0.9 ha)

Roman Roads near Upton Camps

None identified

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