Upton-by-Chester Marching Camp 2

Marching or Temporary Camp

The Upton Group consists of seven camps, the northernmost of which lies at Picton, about a third of a mile (c.600m) ENE of Upton Camp 5, while the southernmost (Camp 6) at Upton Recreation Centre lies just 660 feet (200m) north of the main Roman road between Chester and Wilderspool about two miles north-east of the fortress.

Upton-by-Chester Marching Camp 2 was discovered from the air on 18th August 1989, the entire perimeter of this camp is recorded, apart from a short section of the W side. There are no traces of any gateways.

References for Upton Camps

  • A Note on New Evidence from Aerial Reconnaissance for Roman Military Sites in Cheshire by Robert A Philpott in Britannia xxix (1998) pp.341-353;
  • a copy of O.S. Landranger map 117 Chester and Wrexham would also be of benefit.

Map References for Upton Camps

OSMap: LR117

OS National Grid Reference: SJ 4209 6956
Dimensions: c.400 x 387 ft (122 x 118 m)
Area: c.3½ acres (c.1.44 ha)

NMRC Unique Identifier: 1083052

Roman Roads near Upton Camps

None identified

Sites near Upton-by-Chester Marching Camp 2
  • Colonia Camulodunum (Colchester)
    Colonia, Minor Settlement and Triumphal Arches
  • Chester (Deva) Roman Fortress
    Legionary Fort and Major Settlement
  • Wixoe
    Minor Settlement
  • Cambridge (Duroliponte) Roman Fort
    Claudian Auxiliary Fort (AD 43–54), Temple Or Shrine and Vicus
  • Godmanchester (Durovigutum) Roman Fort
    Claudian Auxiliary Fort (AD 43–54) and Vicus
  • Medbourne
    Minor Settlement and Roman-Building
  • Leicester (Ratae Coritanorvm) Roman Town
    British Civita and Probable Vexillation Fort
  • Mancetter (Manduessedum) Vexillation Fort
    Mutatione?, Pottery, Roman Burg and Vexillation Fort
  • Eaton House (Pennocrucium) Roman Fort
    Auxiliary Fort
  • Whitchurch (Mediolanum) Roman Fort
    Claudian Auxiliary Fort (AD 43–54), Flavian Auxiliary Fort (AD 69–96) and Vicus