This settlement, of uncertain character and extent, is known only from surface finds. Finds of Roman material, including a lead coffin, were found in fields south of the Roman road a mile further to the east at Heddington Wick.

Villas lie one mile to the south at at Bromham (ST9766) and about half-a-mile to the north at Nuthills (ST9668). Substantial Roman buildings lie one-and-a-half miles to the north-east at Bowood (ST9769) and two miles to the north-east at Berhills Farm (ST9870). A Romano-British temple has also been identified, three miles to the north at Studley (ST9570).

References for Verlucio/ Verlvcio

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Roman Roads near Verlvcio

W (15) to Aqvae Svlis (Bath, Avon) E (16) to Cvnetio (Mildenhall, Wiltshire)

Sites near Verlucio