Westgate Villa


A ditched enclosure of the type exemplified by that at Ditchley, has been observed and recorded from the air in fields to the south of Westgate-on-Sea on the Isle of Thanet. The single ditch defines a square measuring about 150 feet (c.46 m) on each side, thereby enclosing an area of about ½-acre (c.0.2 ha). There is a single centrally-placed gateway in one side, and a small rectangular annexe appears to be attached near one corner. Faint traces of a building of unknown nature were observed on A.P.’s at the centre of the main enclosure. (JRS 1953 p.95.)

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NGRef: TR3268
OSMap: LR179

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  • Air Reconnaissance of Southern Britain by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. XLIII (1953) pp.81-97; 

Roman Roads near Westgate

Sarre Wall: WSW (14) to Dvrovernvm

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