Willoxton Cwm

Iron Age Hillfort

Willoxton Cwm is a roughly oval hillslope fort located on the southern edge of a slope, protected on the south by the steep escarpment of Parkmill Cwm. The ground to the north rises gently. Currently, the site is a cropmark and not visible on the ground, as it has been cut into by a modern quarry. Aerial photographs from the 1950s and 1960s show three concentric ditches, each approximately 3 meters wide, separated by spaces of about 6 meters, enclosing an area of about 0.05 hectares. It is possible that the defences, except on the south, consisted of three close-set banks and ditches measuring about 30 meters overall, enclosing an oval area measuring about 40 meters from east to west and 20 meters from north to south, totalling approximately 0.05 hectares. The exact location of the entrance is uncertain.

A small excavation carried out by Zienkiewicz in 1998 produced no evidence of activity or dating. The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales (RCAHMW) has suggested that the site may be medieval, but it is more likely to date to the Iron Age based on the available evidence. The site is also marked on the 1st Edition Ordnance Survey map from 1878-79.

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