Venicones Celtic Tribe

The Venicones were an Iron Age tribe living in the British Isles prior to the Roman invasion of Britain, inhabiting parts of eastern Scotland.

The Realm of the Venicones according to Ptolemy

“Below these [the Vacomagi] toward the west are the Venicones, whose town is: Orrea 24*00 58°45″

The Geography of Ptolemy

The Civitas Veniconum The Principal Tribal Centre

Horrea Classis (?Carpow, Fife)

Military storage-depot on the south bank of the Tay Estuary

Ptolemy Book II Chapter 2 give the ancient names of a number of rivers and other geographical features within the territories of the Venicones tribe:

  • ?Orrea 24*00 58°45 [?= Horrea Classis = Carpow, Fife?]