Roman Frontier Systems in Britain

From the Fosse Way to the Saxon Shore

These linked pages are based on an essay submitted during the second year of my Archaeology degree with the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquities at the University of Birmingham. The essay was part of the assessed work for the Roman Britain and the Roman Army course with Dr. Simon Esmonde Cleary, originally entitled “How Does the Development of the Linear Frontier in Northern Britain ca. A.D. 80 – ca. A.D. 140 Correspond with Developments Elsewhere in Europe?” Possible plagiarists should realise that the good Dr. Esmonde Cleary along with many other academics in the field are aware of the existence and content of this WebSite so any attempt to submit part of my magnum opus and claim it as your own would be a very bad move.

An introduction to the Roman frontier systems in Britain, discussing the expansion of the Roman Empire and the formation of the Roman frontier systems in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa.
The ‘Fosse Way Frontier’
The Plautian frontier of south-east England, delineated by the Roman road running from the Legionary Fortress and Civitas Capital at Isca Dumnoniorum (Exeter, Devon) to the Legionary Fortress and Roman Colony at Colonia Domitiana Lindensium (Lincoln, Lincolnshire).
‘Glen Blocking Forts’ and the Gask Ridge
The Agricolan frontier in northern Scotland, which included the Legionary Fortress at Inchtuthil in Perthshire, the northernmost fortress of the entire Roman Empire.
The Stanegate ‘Frontier’
The Trajanic frontier in northern England running from Corbridge on the Tyne in Northumberland to Carlisle on the Solway in Cumbria.
Hadrian’s Wall
The Emperor Hadrian’s eponymous barrier in northern England, running for a distance of 80 miles between Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Tyne & Wear) and Bowness-on-Solway (Cumbria).
The Antonine Wall
The Antonine barrier of Central Scotland, running for a distance of 40 miles between Bowness (Central) on the Firth of Forth to Old Kilpatrick (Strathclyde) on the Clyde.
The Saxon Shore Forts
The late-3rd Century forts of the Classis Britannica on the south-eastern coast of England.
Conclusion & Bibliography
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