Turret 33B (Coesike)

Wall Turret

Coesike Turret #33b turret was completely excavated in 1970 and was found to have have gone out of use by the end of the 2nd century, when the doorway was blocked-up and the pottery sequence ends. At a later date the entire turret was demolished and the wall-recess filled in; an inscription of the Sixth Legion Victrix was used in the blocking (RIB 1567a infra).

The defences of Camp-1 are much more substantial than those of Camp-2 and overlie the smaller camp’s western defences; it is therefore certain that Camp-1 was built after Camp-2. The relative date of Camp-3 is unknown. Another marching camp lies close by to the west at Grindon School, and another lies about 1½ miles (c.2.4km) to the east at Brown Dikes.

Map References for Coesike

NGRef: NY821705 OSMap: Hadrian’s Wall, OL43, LR87.

Roman Roads near Coesike

Military Way: W (2.75) to Vercovicivm (Housesteads, Northumberland) Military Way: E (2.25) to Brocolitia