Banks Turret (east)

Wall Turret

This site is notable not only because of the fine state of preservation of the remains, but also as the rampart wall hereabouts is fronted by a prominent rise, which must have been almost as tall as the height of the original wall-walk. This rising ground before the rampart led to the designers of the Wall having to provide a number of drainage-channels through the wall foundations. This also exemplifies the inflexibility of the Roman military mindset at times, when the logical approach would have been to build the barrier along the top of the ridge itself.

There are more turret remains ¾ mile to the east at Leahill.

Roman Roads near Banks Turret (east)

Hadrian’s Wall: W (4.25) to Birdoswald (Birdoswald, Cumbria) Hadrian’s Wall: E (2.5) to Camboglanna (Castlesteads, Cumbria)