Hadrian’s Wall – Turret 51b – Leahill

Hadrian's Wall Turret

The remains of these two turrets are of particular note as they clearly show that the square towers themselves were built before the rampart wall. This is plainly evident to the west of each turret, where the remains of the Wall merely abuts itself against the sides of the tower and is not bonded to it. Also, in both cases, the Wall to the immediate east of the turrets has been robbed away, leaving the walls on the east side of each tower exposed and unbroken. It may also be seen that the rampart wall was built a little behind the planned line, as both towers jut-out in front of the Wall-line by about a foot-and-a-half.

Other visible turret remains lie about ¾ mile to the west at Banks East.

Roman Roads near Leahill Turrets

Hadrian’s Wall: W (5) to Birdoswald (Birdoswald, Cumbria) Hadrian’s Wall: E (1.75) to Camboglanna (Castlesteads, Cumbria)

Sites near Hadrian’s Wall – Turret 51b – Leahill