Hadrian's Wall – Hare Hill

Hadrian's Wall

Hare Hill in Cumbria is the tallest remaining stretch of Hadrian’s Wall, standing up to three metres high. It probably survived because it was later built into the wall of a medieval structure. In the 19th century it was substantially rebuilt, using Roman masonry which was probably retrieved from the surrounding area.

RIB 1958 - Centurial stone of the primus pilus

The century of the senior centurion (built this).

𐆛 P P

No commentary.

The inscription above was found some time before 1894, west of Turret 53a, and was built into the reconstructed face of the curtain wall.  This stone commemorates the building of this section of Hadrian’s Wall by Roman soldiers under a Primus Pilus, or chief centurion of a legion. It is located nine courses down from the top, two stones in from the left).

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