Barnhill, Beattock 1 Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

This camp lies on the north bank of the Evan Water beside Beattock, Barnhill 2 Temporary Camp, with the Roman road passing between the two. The southern side of this camp has not been traced, but if the titulum-defended gateways in the east and west defences were placed centrally in their sides, the north-south measurement would have approached 1,115 ft. (340 m). There is another gateway with titulum outwork in the visible portion of the northern defences, spaced at a ratio of 1:3, but the eastern half of the north defences, together with a possible second gateway and the north-east angle have been destroyed by the minor road from Beattock to Dumcrieff. There is evidence of at least three periods of occupation; a second camp measuring about 1,115 ft. north-south by 375 ft. transversely (c.340 x 115 m) and enclosing an area of about 9½ acres (c.3.8 ha), was created by greatly contracting the eastern defences of the original large camp, utilising the original western gateway facing the road; this elongated camp later had its southern defences contracted to form an almost square enclosure measuring about 395 ft. north-south by 375 ft. (120 x 115 m), enclosing an area of about 3¼ acres (c.1.3 ha). In this final phase, a gateway was cut through the original western rampart allowing access from the road.
Also known as Beattock Camp C
N.G.REF NT0802
DIMENSIONS 1,410 x c.1,115 ft (430 x c.340 m)
AREA c.36 acres (c.14.6 ha)

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Map References for Beattock Camps

NGRef: NT0802 OSMap: LR78

Roman Roads near Beattock Camps

None identified

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