Beattock, Barnhill 2 Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

This camp lies to the west of the Roman road opposite Beattock, Barnhill 1 Temporary Camp, on the northern bank of the Evan Water across from Camp Beattock, Bankend Temporary Camp. Only its eastern side is completely known, 1,180 ft. (360 m) in length, which has a marked change of alignment at a gateway with titulum, positioned noticeably towards the south. The Roman road passes just outside these defences, separating the titulum outwork from the rampart, which suggests that the camp and the road were contemporary, with the camp being built slightly earlier. The north and the south sides are both traceable from a few short stretches of ditch visible as crop-marks, but the west side has been destroyed by riverine erosion. The south-west angle is perhaps indicated by a slight in-turning of the southern defencive ditch, which would give an east-west dimension of about 1,050 ft. (c.320 m). The Barnhill fortlet partly overlies the north-eastern angle of the camp.
Also known as Beattock Camp B
N.G.R EF NT084027
D IMENSIONS 1,180 x c.1,050 ft (360 x c.320 m)
A REA c.28½ acres (c.11.5 ha)

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Map References for Beattock Camps

NGRef: NT0802 OSMap: LR78

Roman Roads near Beattock Camps

None identified

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