Blaen-Cwmbach Marching Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

Blaen-cwm-bach is situated just outside Tonna at the south-western end of the Vale of Neath overlooking the river from the south, the camp lies along the ridge of land which connects the Cefn Morfudd to the southern Rheola Forest, and is aligned roughly east-west on ground which slopes from a hieght of about 270m above O.D. at its south-eastern corner down to about 250m in the north-west. Only one gateway is known, protected by a tutulus defensive outwork.

This massive temporary marching camp lies about 2½ miles east of the fort at Nidvm (Neath) in West Glamorgan. The camp has been attributed to the campaigns of Sextus Julius Frontinus sometime during the period 73AD to 78, along with two other large camps at Twyn-y-Briddallt and Pen-y-Coedcae.

References for Blaen-cwm-bach

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Map references for Blaen-cwm-bach

OS National Grid Reference: SS796987
Dimensions: 2,980 x 970 ft (908 x 295 m)
Area: 62½ acres (25.3 ha)

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None identified

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