Carn Nicholas

Iron Age Hillfort

Carn Nicholas is located on the northern side of Kilvey Hill near Swansea, the small oval fort is situated in close proximity to Llwynlheiernin fort (Atlas No 1652) at a distance of 0.35km. It overlooks the River Tawe, approximately 1.2km away, and is characterized by moderate to strong slopes in the surrounding area. The fort measures 45m in a WNW-ESE direction and 37m in width, with an internal area of 0.1ha.

The fort is defined by a single bank, which is most prominent on the western side, reaching a height of 1.3m internally. However, on the southern side, only a scarp remains, and on the eastern side, the bank has been ploughed out, with only a boundary bank visible. The ditch, which was once present, is now possibly visible only on the northwest side, where it is wide and shallow. No clearly defined entrance to the fort has been identified.

On the northern side of the fort, there is a straight terrace that is nearly 1m high, acting as a boundary. Within the fort’s interior, there are hollows that may indicate the presence of modern buildings of uncertain date. The site is covered with rough grass and trees. Minimal investigations have been conducted at the site, and the exact date of the fort remains unknown.

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