Iron Age Hillfort

At Fforestnewydd, there are traces of a possible oval-shaped, level terrain fort located on level ground above the ravine of the Nant y Crimp to the east, approximately 2km north of Llangyfelach. The fort measures approximately 90m northeast-southwest by 65m, with an internal area of about 0.5 hectares. The surrounding slopes are generally moderate, except for a sharp fall to the east into the ravine.

The fort is defined by a wide and spread earthen bank, which measures approximately 12 to 17m wide and 0.5-1m high. The southern side of the fort has been ploughed-out and is now part of cultivated land. Although the ditch is not clearly defined, it is believed to have existed at some point. There is a gap at the northeast end of the enclosure, which measures about 7m wide and may have served as an entrance.

The site is currently under planted woodland, and minimal investigations have been conducted, yielding no conclusive dating evidence. The exact age and purpose of the fort are unknown, and further research and archaeological investigations may be required to determine its date and significance.

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