Graig Fawr, Pontardulais

Iron Age Hillfort

Graig Fawr is a site that comprises the remains of an earthwork enclosure, the date or precise nature of which is unknown, but it is likely to be later prehistoric, dating from around 800 BC to AD 74. It is situated on the summit of moorland, approximately 270m above Ordnance Datum. The enclosure has a D-shaped layout and is enclosed by a single bank and ditch.

The surrounding bank is relatively low, measuring between 0.3m to 0.5m in height, and it is flattened on the northeast side where there is a more level approach along the crest of the ridge. There is a trackway that is slightly embanked, which bends along this crest and into the fort, but it is likely to be a recent addition rather than an original feature of the site.

The exact purpose and use of Graig Fawr are unknown, as there is limited evidence and information available about the site. Further research and archaeological investigations may be required to determine its significance and date more accurately.

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