Iron Age Hillfort

Llwynheiernin is a small oval hillslope fort located on the northern side of Kilvey Hill, near Carn Nicolas hillfort (Atlas No 1653), overlooking the River Tawe in Swansea. It measures approximately 63 meters east-west by 50 meters on almost level ground, with a general fall to the north, and an internal area of about 0.25 hectares. The fort is currently defined by a low bank and shallow ditch, with the best preservation on the western side where the bank is only 0.5 meters high and extends for only 7 meters overall. On the northern side, the interpretation is confused by a field bank, and it is possible that the bank may have been obliterated in this area. On the southern side, the bank is very faint and spread, and on the eastern side, it is completely gone.

Excavation carried out by B. Morris for the Gower Society and Royal Institution of South Wales in the 1960s (no reference available) suggested the presence of two banks with a medial flat-bottomed ditch. However, no entrance has been clearly defined. A sherd of mid-second century AD Samian ware was found beneath the inner bank, indicating human activity at the site during that period.

Sites near Llwynheiernin