Hen Gastell, Pen-Clawdd

Iron Age Hillfort

Hen Gastell near Pen-Clawdd is a small oval hillslope fort located in a commanding position on the northwest slopes of a spur above the estuary of the River Loughor on the Gower Peninsula. The fort is characterized by very steep slopes to the north, and less steep slopes in other directions. It measures approximately 50 meters in length from east to west, and 30 meters in width, enclosing an internal area of approximately 0.1 hectares.

The northern side of the fort is formed by a natural edge where the ground falls away very steeply. The southern side has a massive curving rampart that is 12 meters wide and almost 3 meters high internally. The continuation of the bank can be faintly traced around either of the two ends of the enclosure. There is a possible shallow outside ditch, although it could also be a natural feature.

The exact location of the entrance to the fort is uncertain due to minimal investigations and lack of clear evidence. The site is currently covered by rough grass and scrub vegetation, and it is not marked on OS (Ordnance Survey) maps. There is limited information available about the fort’s history and purpose, as well as its exact date of construction. Further research and investigations may provide more insights into the significance and history of Hen Gastell near Pen-Clawdd.

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