Cawthorn Temporary Camp C

Marching or Temporary Camp

Cawthorn Temporary Camp C are the earthwork remains of a Roman temporary camp of irregular plan and probably dating to the late 1st and early 2nd century AD. It forms part of a group of four earthworks known collectively as ‘Cawthorn Camps’ comprising two forts, one with a later annexe, and a camp. Camp C is of unusual coffin-shaped design; it has three gates, with external clavicula entrances, located on its eastern side.

References for Cawthorn

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Map References for Cawthorn

NGRef: SE7889 OSMap: LR94/100

OS National Grid Reference: SE782899

Roman Roads near Cawthorn

Probable road: NE (17) to Whitby (North Yorkshire) Probable road: S (12) to Derventio Brigantvm (Malton, North Yorkshire) N (10) to Lease Rigg

Sites near Cawthorn Temporary Camp C