Lease Rigg Roman Fort is visible as earthworks and cropmarks on air photographs. The fort, with Flavian pottery sherds, was excavated in 1958 to reveal a stone rampart and surrounding ditch constructed in the early 2nd century. Surveyed at 1:2500. The fort is orientated north to south with an outer ditch and evidence of an inner rampart. Excavation of Lease Rigg Roman fort between 1976-80 revealed many internal buildings, some of which are visible as cropmarks and earthworks within the fort. A number of adjoining parallel ditches are visible to the immediate west of the fort, suggestive of an annexe, though elements may have been disturbed or reused by a post medieval field boundary. A number of small ditches may not be associated with the fort. The earthwork elements are extant on the latest 2009 vertical photography.

Map References for Lease Rigg

NGRef: NZ8104 OSMap: LR81

Roman Roads near Lease Rigg

NE (7) to Whitby (North Yorkshire) S (10) to Cawthorn

Sites near Lease Rigg Roman Fort